From a flashing light to a weather station with display.

This MAKER KIT uses the ultra low power RL78/G14 microcontroller, which has a wide range of powerful but low power peripherals and comes with a free version e2 studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment), C compiler  and Code Generator. The advanced Code Generator tool allows users to easily configure the microcontroller for different applications. With each new project, new components and software functions are introduced, which in the final project, come together to create a fully functional, running embedded system.

Offering an „Easy to start“ - suitable for beginners

  • Modular projects to develop eight realistic applications, from a flashing light to a weather station with display.
  • Each new project integrates new components and software functions, which in the end come together to create a fully functional “weather station”.
  • Sections of the program are explained with meaningful flow diagrams.
  • The modular project setup is demonstrated in the circuit patterns.
  • Including a complete package of free Software.

Everything needed to complete all the projects is included in the box.

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MAKER KIT – Embedded System Engineering
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Turn on your creativity by using the new MAKER KIT for Embedded Software Engineering. Understand how to develop Microcontroller software with the MAKER KIT for Embedded Software Engineering as you  work through the development of eight different realistic applications.